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60pcs improving sleep warmwood and ginger detox warm foot patch

Model Number 60pcs
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features


Fire Disposable Description                                                    


90 x 14.5  mm

Liquid Capacity

2.0 ml / 3.0ml 

Pod Method

Pre-filled Closed System


1.8 ohm (Organic Cotton)

Puff Number

400 / 500 Puffs

Battery Capacity

400 Mah 


Silica Gel + Steel Alloy Case

Weight(Disposable device)



Multiple Color Available


E-juice Liquid




1.3 colors LED display batteryremain power.

2. Hange Battery Cell, finest quality.

3. Roll groove technology, no matter how high you drop the battery, the thread part won'tfall out.

4. Giant battery capacity, 2200mAh holds more puffs, no more worry about battery power.

5. eGo T buttons, more acceptable for users and easy to use.


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