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Eboat New Ceramic Coil Og109 Wholesale Cbd Vape Pen

Model Number Og109
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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The full ceramic materials make this cartridge passed the heavy metal test, which is a great future cartridge achieving plenty of vapor without any burning taste as well. The 2 oval shape intake holes make it perfect for thick oil. This creative idea and design also make it possible that it keeps its leaking rate close to zero. Besides, the mouthpiece design makes it so special that you don’t need a machine to press the tip and cover, you just need to use your hand power and you can press and seal the full ceramic cartridges very well, what’s more, once you cover the mouthpiece,you can’t get it pulled up anymore no matter how hard you try.





  1. Unique Metal Mouthpiece:childproof locked mouthpiece, Sophisticated look, Hits better, Lasts longer.
  2. Metal Tank, Big battery mAh:304 Stainless Steel, High grade, 530mah.



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